Tea Total

Apparently we’re still nation of tea lovers.

The perfect accompaniment to a moment of pause/rest/reflect.

A great alternative to bottled water if you find cold water bit of a chore.

I’m more inclined toward the fruity and herbal varieties, but it’s tea all the same.


Tea cupboard

Tea Tittle Tattle

I’ve never tried hibiscus tea but it supposed to help lower blood pressure.

Fennel is a great kidney cleaner, but I’m not keen on the aniseed taste.

Amongst other things ginger aids digestion, I used to think it was only peppermint that did this. I like to add some fresh ginger to mine for extra strength.

Not all herbal teas are caffeine free, always read the label; some can react to medications you may be taking so be sure to do your research and check with your health professionals.

Green tea is known  to have lots of fantastic health benefits, it’s probably the queen of herbal teas at the moment.

Any teas that are known to help regulate your period (ladies), should be avoided during pregnancy/breastfeeding, like parsley.

Never heard of rooibos tea until very recent, great for eczema by all accounts.

Be sure to buy your teas from reputable stores to avoid unfortunate incidents, like consuming poisonous leaves. There are a few stories floating around about unfortunate ‘herbal tea’ consumption – be careful if you are experimenting with the unknown!

Now lets get the kettle on!



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