There’s Something About September

September signals the start of a new chapter in the year, ‘September’ just doesn’t sound very summery to me, so I tend to go straight into autumn mode.

September signals the countdown to Christmas. Yes I know we’ve got bonfire night and some other events to get through first, but all I keep seeing is Christmas on the horizon.

I can sense the fast approaching change in the UK clocks, darker mornings and darker eveningsย  – it’s so close.

September usually triggers my desire for an autumn getaway – to catch a bit of bliss before the winter sets in.

My thoughts also turn to the nearing new year, and any ‘new year’ plans I want to jumpstart in preparation, why wait until January when you can get the ball rolling now?

Far better to enter the new year with a feeling of plans in place and wheels in motion, right?

I digress.

Lets get back to September and welcome our beloved autumn once again, it’s crispy golden leaves fluttering down to make a seasonal carpet below.

For the students out there, September (in the UK at least) kick starts the beginning of a new academic year, a new course, the next step in their paths to success.

September definitely feels like a time for new beginnings as we begin to say goodbye to the summer. (In the UK we may already have said those goodbyes back in June/July – just saying).

The mornings begin to feel fresher and the winter clothing ranges sit patiently on the racks of popular high street stores, a not so subtle reminder of what is soon to come.

Wardrobes, stocked with a few new jumpers, boots and winter warmers also adds to the feeling of a new turn.

Let’s offer a warm welcome to september.

Do you remember………(sing along now)

Earth Wind & Fire’s – Dancing in September, I love that song!


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