As with earthly seasons, life also has it’s seasons. We reach points in life where we instinctively know that something needs to change. Β It’s time for this, that or the other.

Autumn is probably the season that gives me this feeling the most, particularly September; maybe it’s because of the drastic mind shift from looking back at the diminishing summer to the horizon of winter, Christmas, new year.

Change is in the air.

Autumn, with it’s golds, reds, orange hues and crispy acoustics, reminds me that there can be beauty at every stage of a journey, of life – it just changes, if we take the time to step back and appreciate it.

I think back over the year so far, the ups and downs. I think ahead to the new year, only a few months ahead…..autumn truly feels like a cross roads of sorts.

Maybe nothing needs to change.

Maybe autumn is simply a good time to reflect on how things are going; a time to look forward to more of the same as the seasons change; a time to be grateful for our harvest so far.

Autumn can be a quite a reflective time of the year, helping us to sail into the new year with a clearer sense of direction, rather than the new year feeling like the ‘hot seat’ where you suddenly need to re-evaluate and make plans because everyone else is doing it, seemingly.

So as the scarves, jumpers and boots come to the forefront, hot chocolate orders start flying off the counters, and the central heating dials start getting a bit of action; autumn, here we come.





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