Just my opinion – but I think we all need change.

We need to stretch, challenge ourselves and add new experiences to our repertoire. If we don’t get a healthy dose of change every so often, we can begin to feel stale and uninspired – perhaps a bit like a monotonous hamster going round and round on that wheel to nowhere.

Maybe for some the wheel is enough, they enjoy the comfort of the predictable.

I think we need a balance between the two.

I know it sounds a bit cliche, talking like this at the beginning of a new year, before we get immersed in the usual routines yet again, quickly losing that “I need a change” spark, but maybe this time that spark might start to grow into a flame, even wildfire!

Whatever it is, a new job, new career, a hobby or new “life plans” (new shoes if that helps), having something fresh helps keep the mind fresh, refreshing that zest for life.

Why do so many of us fear the very thing we need, and avoid the leap of change or the taste of the unfamiliar, missing out on opportunities and not realising our full potential?

Have a go, give it a try, take a leap of faith, challenge yourself, stretch and grow, surprise yourself!


10 thoughts on “Change

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