Fancy A Cuppa?

Tea Please

Make mine a freshly grated ginger with lemon and a nice bit of dark chocolate.

A dreamy performance

Until last week I’d never seen a live ballet performance – then I went to see The Nutcracker performed by the English National Ballet at the Royal Opera House – what a treat!

Pretty much every Christmas I seem to catch a glimpse of The Nutcracker on TV but have never watched it from beginning to end. It was such a privilege to watch these professional ballet dancers up close and enjoy such a magical performance.


One of my favourite scenes had to be the Waltz of the Snowflakes, I could have watched this scene over and over, honestly, it was just beautiful, especially when snowflakes began to fall on stage. Words don’t really convey how beautiful it was – you have to be there to feel it, see it, hear the live music – it really touches you.

The Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy was also a firm favourite (everyone loves the Sugar Plum Fairy), performed by the fabulous Francesca Hayward, she definitely stole the show. The Sugar Plumb Fairy is just the epitome of a perfect princess, she has the sparkle and grace that captivates and enchants the audience, effortlessly.

The costumes and stage drop backs were absolutely fantastic too.

Hands up, I’m by no means a classical music buff, but two of Tchaikovsy’s world famous pieces really brought a tear to my eye whilst watching the performance. The tune of The Waltz of the Flowers’ will have you swaying with visions off all things beautiful swirling around in your mind; when I saw the passion and expressions on faces of the orchestra players while they worked their instruments to this piece, it made the experience all the more moving.

….and that magical piece to the solo ‘Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy’ conjours up magical images of sparkly music boxes and all things glittery – just perfect for her performance that oozed with grace, poise, sparkle and beautiful dainty doll moves.

I’m pretty sure every little girl (and grown woman) left the show with wistful visions of being a ballerina, myself included, I’d love to hear what you think!

Weighing scales

A mistake so stupid it’s hard to believe.

The last time I went away I made an absolutely ridiculous mistake. Honestly, I can’t believe that ‘me’ (who never packs light) made this mistake. I packed my hold luggage, stressed out that I’d picked a case that was way too small and then to top it off, half the things I wanted to pack had to be left out. Why I was packing the night before my flight I’ll never know, it’s so out of character for me (first time for everything, right!).

Tired and annoyed at the lack of ‘stuff’ I was able to pack, I weighed my luggage – it was overweight.

I get to check-in at Gatwick the next day and they tell me I’m under!!!  What?


The mistake I made was reading the weight in pounds instead of Kilograms on my luggage scale. Yes you heard me, so I ended up being 50% under my weight allowance when I got to the airport, not over (like I thought).

So the pile of things I didn’t get to pack could have come along with me all along.

How ridiculous did I feel – off the scale!

Little and often

Having a good ‘sort out’ around the house is great when it’s all done but the process creates more mess than I ever thought possible – where did all this ‘stuff’ come from? Why have I got what seems like generations of shredding to shift. Note to self: do not allow shredding to pile up like this again, a monthly shredding session should just about take care of it.

Consider this

I thought this was interesting – given how image conscious and ‘insta-ready’ many of us are trying to be these days!










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