Sunday Lunch!!

Deck chairs & Chill

A book lovers dream

Another one of those sand artists…

A roast dinner with all the trimmings? Nope. Maybe next Sunday.

Last Sunday I opted for a meat and tofu mixed Korean take away from the London’s Southbank street food market, followed by some vegetarian Indian crepes and a gooey dessert of vegan chocolate cake.

I’m not vegan – but I do keep dairy products to minimum – this chocolate was just like milk chocolate – creamy and rich!!

The Korean food below was super tasty, so many flavours, very spicy and worthy of a 10/10 rating, I could certainly get used to this.

Move over Sunday roast!

Hmm, well, I’ll always have a soft spot for a traditional roast dinner.




More food

Well when you’re at a food market it’s impolite not to try a few things…surely!

How about some vegetarian Indian crepes, aka ‘Moong Daal Dosa’ – this caught my eye as I’ve never come across a crepe type Indian dish before, I just had to try it.

Very nice as a spicy snack


Bikes, boards and even more food….



River Thames Beach!!!

Honestly, there is a beach on the River Thames when the tide is out!

….but within a few hours the whole lot was under water, as if it had never existed – not a clue remaining.


Wandering around the book market…


A bit more food…

Grabbed a bit more Indian food to take home – and purposefully took a fold away bag with the intention stocking up.

Waterloo Bridge

Nice job on a sunny day…

Walk down to Lambeth…

Block after block of luxury river view flats for sale….


The barriers on Westminster Bridge are an eerie reminder of the tragic incidents that took place there in 2017.






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