Out And About Morocco #3: Food, Orange Trees, a Mosque and a Medina!

More snapshots from Morocco to inspire a trip or bring back some familiar memories; whichever is the case, I hope you enjoy! For years I had felt like every other person I spoke to had been to Morocco apart from me – yet I’d been saying I wanted to go there for many many years. If you’ve never been to Morocco before it’s not really a place you go to relax, Morocco has too much personality for that lol, you go there to soak up the culture and the way of life, to experience the differences rather than look for comfortable similarities – well I think most people do anyway.

Snapshots of Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque or Kutubiyya Mosque Morocco
Orange trees are a thing. I saw quite a lot of them in Marrakech, and there were lots of them around my hotel gardens, as well as on my plate as a desert after a Moroccan meal.
The hotel had a couple of these for transporting things around the grounds – top marks for creativity!!

Medina by Night, Marrakech

Morocco Marrakech Medina DSCN9886

Lunch on the road

When you’re on an excursion, tagine is usually on the menu for lunch and everything is pretty much shared – even the bread, you’ll ‘break bread’ with the person next to you since they’re usually pretty big pieces….you get bread with the starter, this seems to be the norm with every meal.

I’d always thought moroccan food would be spicy and not shy of a bit of chili, but that wasn’t my experience. I found the food to be nice enough, but not particularly spicy at all.

Platters are normally laid out like this and everyone around the table takes from the platter – 6-8 people….it’s very much a ‘sharing’ food culture.

More food

Spotted at the airport – I hope no camels were harmed in the production of this chocolate ๐Ÿ˜†
Another interesting chocolate brand!!!

Another Palace…beautiful building

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