Pandemic Life Changes 2020 and Beyond

Pandemic life changes – the world changed in an instant

No sarcasm intended (honestly), but I truly hope this post ‘finds you well’, healthy and still possessing some spark and zest for life; and if not, then I’m wishing and praying things get brighter for you from here on. πŸ’›x

Without spelling it all out, we all know last year unfolded in a way none of us had ever anticipated, like an unwelcome ‘jack in the box’ for the most part! 🎒

Journalling the ongoing rollercoaster of events is going to make for some pretty interesting reading in future history books, that’s for sure! πŸ“š

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Like a swift relay race, 2021 continues on where 2020 left off, the pace hasn’t really slowed down and new notions of ‘normal’ seem to be evolving each day.

Bloggers have written about all this to no end, understandably, it’s unprecedented, and many of you have shared insights into how your lives have changed personally, in good ways and the ‘not so good’. πŸ€”

Some have suffered irreparably, with businesses or loved one’s lost – my heart goes out to you.

Other’s have been more fortunate and found blessings in disguise. ✨

Then there are those of us who are still processing what’s happened and what might lay ahead, reflecting on how our priorities have changed, and how we want to try and shape our lives, moving forward.

Cliches aside, ‘the meaning of life’ is becoming an ever more popular philosophical question.

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Life changing decisions

Some of you have already made firm conclusions on the above and acted on them – making firm pandemic life changes life changing decisions or interesting u-turns in your everyday lives, e.g:

  • Made big changes to your diet and fitness
  • Changed career, quit a job, or seeking a new job
  • Lost or strengthened existing relationships (family/partners/friends)
  • Moved house to another part of the country or another country altogether
  • Gained or strengthened your spiritual beliefs
  • Changed your political views in some way
  • Committed to stopping or starting to do certain things differently

Sometimes it takes unavoidable and unexpected significant events to push us into making new life changing decisions.


Has the pandemic led to any new life changing decisions for you?

Maybe nothing major has changed for you, and that’s fine, I’m not trying to say it should or shouldn’t, each of us will react and feel differently about things and we’re fully entitled to.

But if things have changed for you…..πŸ’«

If you’re willing to share below – I’m curious to hear more examples of changes you have made, or thinking of making, in light of this seemingly new world we’ve entered into. 🌍

It’s interesting and often inspiring to hear these, and may offer reassurances to others who are grappling with similar thoughts and pandemic life changes.

Tell us in the comments – there’s no right or wrong, just whatever it is for you….

212 thoughts on “Pandemic Life Changes 2020 and Beyond

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  2. rebeccabeesley

    #pandemiclife I’ve learnt a lot about myself – I think I feel far more content in myself and feel ok about not being able to rush about all the time as we would in “normal” life. I’ve realised that my family are the most important thing to me and I’m so glad to have been in a home together with them and not alone as some people have spent lockdown.

    We’ve been homeschooling throughout and this may become permanent depending on the pressure to return to school whilst it is still unsafe to do so.

    I’ve recognised how tough this situation can be for different people and different age groups and life stages.

  3. Victoria Prince

    Definitely! That I need to get out of this rut, and find what makes me happy. It’s been a horrendous few years and the timing of the pandemic has just brought a lot of realisations home to roost. All those months of shielding and the support network it opened up gave me so much food for thought, and made me question so many things. I’m hoping to be able to make a major move, but baby steps… #pandemiclife

  4. Angela Jones

    For me its taken a lot of confidence away. I am single so I used to look forward to my Saturday nights out with all of my friends. Its been great that we kept in touch by telephone and online. But since September have seen only one friend about 2 weeks ago. One I have only seen once in the last 12 months. We used to all love getting dressed up but now the thought of doing all that again no longer appeals. We now prefer to start meeting up for walks. #pandemiclife

  5. susan leake

    #pandemiclife i have now become accustomed to social distancing. Standing back in shops, stepping aside when out walking, wearing a mask and avoiding using cash as payment and the sanitising of hands. I will hope to continue these practices once everywhere opens up and it is no longer law to do so as it is a proven way of avoiding picking up diseases deadly as well as the more common.

  6. Victoria Bazley

    Definitely taking things a bit slower and work will be different going forward. I won’t be in the office full time and my husband won’t have to travel to London and can just work full time from home – which is fantastic. I must admit I’m quite anxious going back to a kind of normal. I do feel I have regressed a bit in social situations #pandemiclife

  7. Sara Goodman

    #pandemiclife I was mugged about ten years ago and my walks on Hampstead Heath changed completely, I stuck to paths and places where I felt safe. This pandemic has really heightened my awareness of nature, and as a result I’ve really wanted to venture further onto the heath than I have in recent years. I’ve realised that most of the places I’ve wanted to walk are pretty busy anyway, and I’ve spent longer, and walked further than I have in years. I’ve won and I love it πŸ™‚

  8. Konlish

    Using the Food and things Waste App Olio to get myself out collecting things for myself and for a charity called Food not Bombs that serve food to people on the street. Cycled at times to 5 houses for non contact collections covered 20 km on my bike and in 4 moths collected about 40kg of pasta and rice. Helped alot with my mental health. #pandemiclife

  9. Andrew Hindley

    #pandemiclife Went through most of the pandemic eating lot’s of takeaways and unhealthy foods and drinking way too much alcohol, got a wake up call just over 2 months ago when I visited my GP for my annual check-up, I was 5 stone overweight, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol,and was also told that I also have kidney failure, I went home that day and decided to do something about it, I started eating healthy foods and went onto an immediate diet started exercising and also stopped drinking alcohol, 2 months later I have lost 2 stone, my blood pressure is now under control and hopefully my cholesterol will be coming down as well, I feel fit as a fiddle and also feel 5 years younger and full of energy and less tired, How amazing is the human body!

  10. Tania Stannard

    I should have had a big white wedding with 110 people in May when we we went into total lockdown. It made me realise its people and loved ones who are important not material things. We have both lost people close to us. Life is so fragile, no-one is promised a tomorrow. In October we went ahead and got married with 15 people and had a truly wonderful day. I felt truly blessed looking at the faces of those we hold most dear. My lesson learnt was if you love someone, tell them and tell them often xx

  11. CD

    #pandemiclife I went into thinking it would only last a few weeks and everything would be back to normal.
    How wrong I was. Homeschooling two children and Joe Wicks became the norm. We started baking every Friday and have carried on ever since the children really enjoy this. I was diagnosed, surgery and treatment for cancer through spring/summer last year, it was a total shock, had to go to ever appointment on my own. From this I now do daily exercises, cut out alcohol, red meat, processed meat, dairy. So been experimenting with vegan foods with lovely results. Keep positive.

  12. Hazel Rea

    We switched to online shopping, video calls to family and friends, we had a digital Christmas instead of the children and partners coming home for our family Christmas – it was enjoyable in a different way! We started doing YouTube exercise (hasfit is marvellous and free) and we will definitely keep that up – we were surprised how enjoyable it was, especially when done in the garden in sunshine. I think the whole experience has made us value the small things in life more – we were always connected with nature (we rescue hedgehogs in distress and take them to the local haven when necessary, enthusiastic recyclers etc.) but now feel even closer to it as it has been so obviously shown just how fragile the modern way of life is.

  13. Bev

    Well, just as we went into the first lockdown, I was coming out of my own, self-imposed lockdown because I was having chemotherapy. I had plans – there are things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go – nothing major – just a canal boat and a trip to York – little things I’ve always wanted to do or do again but this time with my husband. I sat and watched as all my neighbours just carried on doing what they wanted with no thought at all to stopping or slowing this pandemic. I discovered that I have a strong dislike of selfish people. I know they didn’t like being locked down so carried on going out and socialising – I understand that – but some of us with life limiting illnesses just want that “one more time” you see/hear about in the soaps/films. One more paddle in the sea – one more time in the cable cars…little things like that. It made me perhaps unreasonably angry that some just carried on doing what they felt like with no regard to the safety of others.

    On the bright side, I reconnected with my husband – the stress of being told my cancer had returned and was now incurable followed by the year of chemotherapy had taken its toll on us, badly. A year of our own company has really done us the world of good – sometimes we binge watched Lost or The Office, sometimes we sat and talked, sometimes we picnicked in the garden and sometimes we just sat, together, thanking whoever that I am still here.

    I also started writing a book about living with cancer – a humorous one, if you can imagine such a thing. It’s the book I wish I could have read when I was diagnosed. No woe is me, just truth and a laugh now and then!

    Stay safe, everyone.


    1. Cherryl

      What you have shared is humbling to read Bev, I’m truly sorry to hear what you have been going through and still going through. It’s hard to complain about losing privileges (on the grand scheme of things), when I stop to think of the challenges others are battling through, like yourself.

      I’d love to read the book once it’s finished – injecting humour into it says a lot about your spirit πŸ€—βœ¨ it can’t be easy. Happy for you to send me a link when it’s available.

      Praying a miracle comes your way, and thanks for reading πŸ’›

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    1. Cherryl

      I’m glad you have adapted well to it Kelly, and I think sometimes we forget that not everyone ‘needs’ to be around people every day to feel good. Saving more money has been a plus point for me too. πŸ’· ✨

      I think if/when you want to socialise you will (with the right person/people/crowd), no need to force it just for the sake of it – do what’s comfortable for you. 😊
      Thanks for sharing

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  16. vinneve

    Here in New Zealand though we are covid free in the community now we have experienced being on a lockdown especially in Auckland and I know how it feels like. Our first lockdown it feels like an opportunity to be with your family more and doing things that you never thought you will like or love and discovering new passion in life. Also keeping your mental health in good order by exercising however short it may be we need it to keep things clear in our mind and try to be more positive. I know it is harder now adays with lockdowns everywhere in some countries. Just hang on there try to discover new things you may like.

  17. miss lucy higgins

    #PandemicLife I’ve been shielding at home on my own since last March and the past year has definitely taught me the importance of family and friends and not taking things for granted. Also I think its helped me appreciate the little things like being able to enjoy a coffee in a cafe or just spending time with my neices and nephews and being silly together. Another thing ive really noticed is how comforting human touch is, not being able to have a hug from my mum or family members has been so hard. I think its really taught me to just appreciate the everyday, however mundane that is and find joy in all the small things

  18. equinoxio21

    Major change of course is to not travel for a whole year. πŸ˜–
    We normally travel abroad twice or “thrice” a year. πŸ₯Ί
    It must have affected your own way of life too in that respect.
    Major change? We might buy a house south of mexico city. Warmer. All year round. With a swimming pool, large enough (the house to accommodate the entire family at will so anyone can escape lockdown at any given time… We’ll see if we can strike a deal soon.
    Stay well.

      1. Zoey H

        #pandemiclife I’ve been working home since 17.3.20 and recently found out that we wont have our old office to go back to but a small office so I may go in once a month when it’s safe to. Really impacted my mental health so using time to focus on me and get into bedt shape physically and mentally. We are also looking to buy a dog ( rescue ) so have company at home and will make me go out for daily works without fail.

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