Have Your Cake and Eat it: The Cake and Bake Show

Amongst other things, the annual UK Cake and Bake Show’ will give you cake inspiration, a cake education and the opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth with hundreds of like minded cake lovers.

Yep, she’s a cake!

Vegan cakes: Salted caramel sponge cake and avocado chocolate brownie

I ‘d say there are a few reasons why you might want to go to The Cake and Bake Show, the next time it’s on:

The Cake and Bake Show London DSCN8102

1. You can satisfy your dangerously sweet tooth

This must be one the few situations in life where it’s socially acceptable to spend hours eating cake, eyeing up cakes and buying multiple cakes without appearing to be a greedy gorger, in need of some ‘sugar anonymous’ sessions.

Indulgence is expected, encouraged and practiced by all in attendance – you will be amongst very cake-minded people and they won’t judge you.

2. You can get cake inspiration

Thinking about having a go at that special christmas or birthday cake? You’ll leave with plenty of ideas and a desire to get straight in the kitchen, re-aquainting yourself with the cake mixer, wooden spoons, spatulas and cake tins. The vanilla essence and icing sugar on the top shelf will be back in action.

These are different!

I picked up a few business cards and like the idea of having a bespoke cake made in a creative design to suit.

3. Get a cake education

You might learn a thing or two about cakes at this show. Pay attention now…

4. You can feast your artistic eye and marvel at the talent and creativity at hand

To top it off, this show incorporates a fully fledged art exhibition. All the exhibits are cakes – prepare to raise an eyebrow.

The Cake and Bake Show London ballet DSCN8007

Thoughts of The Nutcracker ballet come rushing back to me…

The look in her eyes says ‘please don’t eat me’ lol

Truly amazing. It’s hard to believe that this is a cake!

4. Get some cake making kit

There are so many new gadgets and baking aids on the market now – super sharp knives, clever choppers and grating gadgets. Cake decorations and all kinds of baking accessories were also on sale.

Purchase of the day!

Shock horror. It wasn’t a cake!

My prized purchase were these clever silicone universal air tight lids from Charles Viancin – they’re oven proof, dishwasher proof, they cover anything from pots to dishes and glasses. They looked and sounded almost too good to be true. Due to the suction, you can hold a casserole dish up by the rubber silicone lid when it’s on the dish.. or glass etc. No more plastic cling film or toxic aluminium foil……I was sold. I had to give these a try – and if they’re as good as they appear to be I’ll be hooked for life.

Ready to put this set to the test.

Give a little

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital were out in full force – with lovely, lively, upbeat and super friendly staff doing a fabulous job today. Proceeds from their goodie bags will all go back to the hospital. The lady that served me was a retired nurse (to the right) who now works as a fundraiser – full of energy and smiles.

The Cake and Bake Show London Great Ormond Street Hospital DSCN8011

Fabulous fundraising staff from Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

5. Buy cake, go shopping or just get your nails done!

Today was the last day of the show so a lot of things were reduced.

This Yorkshire based business had some mouth watering cranberry and orange shortbread

The London College of Beauty Therapy were on hand for manicures…

Sunday dinner!

Katsu chicken – with noodles and curry sauce πŸ˜‹πŸ₯‘

ExCel waterfront

ExCel Waterfront DSCN8121

This boat is a hotel!!! The Yacht Hotel.

A beautiful end to the day…

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